1、There be 句型中的be 应和其后出现的主语在数上一致,即“就近原则”,如:

There is a lamp on the table.

There are some apples in the bowl.

There are five books,two pens and a ruler in the school bag.

There is a ruler,two pens and five books in the school bag.

2、There be 中的be 有时可以是lie,stand,used to be,seem to be,appear to be 等,如:

There lies a river to the south.

There lived an old man in the small house.

There stood a temple near the river.

There used to be a castle at the foot of the hill.

3、There is(was)+no +动词ing结构相当于It is(was) impossible to + 动词原形 ,如:

There is no going home. =It is impossible to go home.

There is no living with him.=It is impossible to live with him. 。

There is no knowing what may happen. =It is impossible to know what may happen

4、如果 主语 是 复数名词 ,却表示一笔金额或一个总数或表达一个单个概念时,则仍用单数be形式,如:

There is five hundred dollars to pay.

There is still another 20 miles to drive.

There is duck and green vegetables for supper.

以上就是小编为大家整理的there be句型的用法,There be 是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”,希望大家平时多注意多揣摩,一定可以灵活运用这个必考句型。

There be 句型四个热门考点解析