1. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is ___________(clean) than ever.



2. --- How did you find your trip to Water Park in the summer of 2016?

--- I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was ________ than I expected.

A. even much interesting B. far more interesting

C. so far interesting D. far from interesting


【试题解析】考查形容词。根据后面的“than I expected”可知,此处运用比较级more interesting,而far可以修饰比较级。故选B。


高考英语纠错笔记系列之易错点3 形容词与副词的比较等级

修饰形容词,副词比较级的常用修饰词有:no, a little, a bit, much, even, still, a lot, a great deal, far, by far, rather, any等。

1) 只用于修饰比较级的: much,still,even

2) 既可以修饰比较级又可以修饰原级的:a little, a bit, rather 等 。

3) even修饰形容词,副词的比较级,以加强比较的语气和程度。

4) 在这些词中,其中no在修饰比较级时,在意义上否定两者,表示前者在某方面不比后者强多少。

☛He is no richer than Peter. 他不比彼得富裕多少.=He is as poor as Peter.

他和彼得一样穷。表示前者比后者强一点时,通常采用a little,a bit等。

☛The room is a bit larger than that one.这个房间比那个稍大一点。

5)表示前者比后者强很多时,通常采用much,even,still等。(still修饰形容词,副词的比较级时,可以位于 比较级之前或之后。)

☛He works still harder than ever. =He works harder still than ever. 他比以往更加努力学习了。

6)表示前者在某方面远远地超过对方时,通常采用far,by far,a lot,a great deal等。

☛Matters are a lot better than ever before. 情况远远比以往好。


☛He can’t jump any higher. 他不能跳得更高了。

☛Can he jump any higher? 他能跳得更高一些吗?

☛If you can jump any higher, I will give you a prize.如果你能跳得更高些,我就奖励你。

Work harder, Jim. __________you practice, __________ you can understand.

A. The most; the best B. The more; the better

C. The less; the better D. The least; the worst


高考英语纠错笔记系列之易错点3 形容词与副词的比较等级




☛Would you please speak more slowly?请讲慢一点,好吗?

☛Can’t you live here a little longer?不能在这里再多住点时间吗?



☛The car’s running less smoothly than it used to.这辆汽车跑得没有过去平稳了。 ☛John drove much more carefully than I. 约翰开车比我小心的多。

3)“no + 比较级+ than…”“都不”,是对两者的共同否定,且侧重前者。

“not + 比较级+ than…” “不比……更”,表示相比较的两者情况相当。

☛Josie speaks Chinese no more fluently than her brother.乔西汉语说得和她弟弟一样都不流畅。 ☛I run not faster than you.我不比你跑得快。

4)比较级 + and + 比较级


☛The fire spread further and further with the wind blowing more and more strongly.


☛With time going on, we are getting on better and better with one another.


5)the + 比较级……the + 比较级……

☛这种句式用来表示一方的程度随着另一方的程度平行增长,意为 “越……(就)越……”。 ☛The harder you work, the better you’ll learn.你越努力,学得越好。

☛The more you talk to the children, the less they will listen.你对孩子们谈得越多,他们听进去的就越少。