短语归纳(学生必背内容) the dishes 洗餐具

2.take out the rubbish 倒垃圾

3.fold the clothes 叠衣服

4.sweep the floor 扫地

5.make the bed 铺床 on从事;创作

7.clean the living room 打扫起居室

8.go out 出去

9.stay out 待在外面;不在家 out 帮助做完某事 front of在....前面

12.come over 过来;顺便来访

13.hang out 闲逛 chores 做家务 least 至少

16.throw down 扔下

17.all the time 频繁;反复 surprise 吃惊地; 惊讶地 soon as.....就....

20.a waste of time 浪费时间

21.spend...on...在...上.费(时间或金钱) order to 目的是; 为了

23.depend on 依靠;信赖

24.look after 照顾; 照料

25.keep it clean and tidy 保持它干净、整洁

26.get into 进入

27.take care of 照顾; 处理 a result 结果

29.fall ill 生病

30.get a ride 搭车


1.finish doing sth.做完某事

例句展示:I finished reading this book yesterday.昨天我读完了这本书。

2.Neither+连系动词be/助动词/情态动词+主语 .....也不


①--He isn’t a student.他不是一个学生。

---Neither am I.我也不是。

②---He didn’t go to work yesterday.他昨天没去工作。

-----Neither did I.我也没去。

③---He can’t sing the song.他不会唱这首歌。

----Neither can Dale.戴尔也不会唱。


例句展示:He is as tall as me.他和我一样高。

4.want do sth.想要某人做某事

例句展示:She wants me to clean the living room.他想要我打扫起居室。

5.try (not) to do sth.尽力(不)做某事

例句展示:He tries to learn Enlish well because it is very useful

He tries not to be late for class.他尽力不迟到。

6.hate to do sth.厌恶做某事

例句展示:Dale hates to stay out.他讨厌待在外面。

7.make sth.让/使某人做某事

例句展示:He makes me do more chores.他让我做很多家务。

8.let sth.让某人做某事

例句展示:He lets me wait for me a long time.他让我等了很长一段时间。

9.spend...doing sth.花费....做某事

例句展示:He spends two hours doing his homework.他花费两个小时做家庭作业。

10.provide sth.for sb.向某人提供某物

例句展示:He provides a book for me.他给了我一本书。

11.mind doing sth.介意做某事

例句展示:Do you mind my opening the window?你介意我打开窗户吗?

12.learn to do sth.学会做某事

例句展示:Little Tom learns to make the bed.小汤姆学会了铺床。

13.learn how to do sth.学会怎样做某事

例句展示:Dale has learned how to learn English well.戴尔学会了怎样学好英语。

14.the+ 比较级..,the+ 比较级... 越....就越....

例句展示:The more we do for the people,the happier we will be.

我们给人们帮助越多,我们就越开心。 one's part in (doing )sth.尽自己的职责做某事

With the development of the society,we should do our part in protecting our environment.