高一英语必修3 单元检测卷带答案(文件编号:21041301)


Unit 1 《Festivals around the world》单元检测卷带答案

Unit 2 《Healthy eating》单元检测卷带答案

Unit 3 《The Million Pound Bank Note》单元检测卷带答案

Unit 4 《Astronomy-the science of the stars》单元检测卷带答案

Unit 5 《Canada-The True North》单元检测卷带答案

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高一英语必修3 Unit 1《Festivals around the world》单元检测卷带答案

单元检测卷:Unit  1



This was an ordinary day, nothing special. Mike was walking on the street when he returned to the shop on the corner. He stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt happy to see that the pair of shoes he wanted very much was still there. He looked down at his old shoes, and he felt sorry for himself, because he wanted very much to own them for his coming birthday.

Sadly, the boy walked away, deep in thought — how to tell his mother about it. He knew very well his mother had very little money. He decided not to go home at once, because he looked sad and his mother would notice it. So he went to the park and sat on the grass. There he saw a boy moving a wheelchair with his hands. Mike looked at him and was surprised to see that the boy had no feet. He looked at his own feet. “It’s much better to be without shoes than without feet.” he thought. There was no reason for him to feel so sorry and sad. So he went away with smile, thinking that he was much luckier and happier.

1.How did Mike pass the shop on the street corner?

A.In a wheelchair.         B.By bike.         C.On foot.      D.By bus.

2.Why did Mike stop in front of the shop?

A.To buy the shoes.               B.To get something for his birthday.

C.To buy a present for his friend.   D.To look at the shoes he liked.

3.What can we learn about Mike from the story?

A.Mike liked new shoes very much.     B.Mike had no feet.

C.Mike didn’t want to stay at home.    D.Mike loved his mother very much.


Friends come to visit us in the evening, they spend their time telling us they are in a hurry and looking at their watches. It isn’t that our friends are all very busy, it is just that when we haven’t got a television. People think that we are very strange. “But what do you do in the evening?”,they are always asking. The answer is very simple. Both my wife and I have hobbies(爱好). We certainly don’t spend our evenings staring at the walls. My wife enjoys cooking and painting and often attends evening classes in foreign languages. This is particularly useful as we often go abroad for our holidays. I collect stamps and I’m always busy with my collection. Both of us enjoy listening to the music and playing chess together.

     Sometimes there are power cuts and we have no electricity in the house. This does not worry us, we just light candles and carry on with what we were doing before. Our friends, however, are lost---no television!---So they don’t know what to do. On such evenings our house is very full ---they all come to us. They all have a good time. Instead of sitting in silence in front of the television, everybody talks and plays games.

4. The couple have not got a television, because     .

   A. they are not rich enough         

    B. they are strange people

   C. they enjoy spending evenings in their own ways

   D. they don’t know what to do when there are power cuts

5. Both of the couple are interested in     .

    A. learning languages                        B. traveling 

    C. staying home alone                     D. watching people play games

6. At night when there is no electricity, the couple       .

A. have to stare at the walls                   B. can do nothing but sit in silence

C. will have many visitors                     D. have to go out for candles

7. The writer tries to tell us that ____.

A. the television is useful                     B. electricity is important  

C. life is enjoyable without television       D. life is impossible without a television


     Do you like shopping? Or does the thought of wandering round the shops fill you with terror? For some of us, shopping is an enjoyable way of spending our spare time and our money. For me, it’s something I would rather avoid. Thank goodness for the Internet! It’s more convenient to buy CDs, electrical items, and even food from the comfort of your sofa. But that’s not the only reason: price is an important factor. We can buy goods and services cheaper online. But sometimes the problem is knowing what to buy. This has led to a type of shopping called “showrooming”.

     Showrooming is something I’ve done. I will go to a shop to see, touch and try out products but then go home and buy them online at a knock-down price. I’m not alone in doing this. Research by a company called Foolproof found 24% of the people showroomed while Christmas shopping in 2013.

     Amy Cashman, Head of Technology at TNS UK, says the reasons for this new shopping habit are that people are lacking time, lacking money and they want security about the products they are buying. She explains that consumers are not only shopping online at home but they are using the Internet in store or on their smartphones to shop around.

But does this mean technology will kill shops? Certainly shops will change. They will have to offer more competitive prices or encourage people to buy more by giving in-store discounts or free gifts.

We mustn’t forget that buying in a shop means you can get expert advice from the sales assistant and you can get good aftercare. It’s good to speak to a real human rather than look at a faceless computer screen, but at least by showrooming, you get the best of both worlds.

8. The two questions in Paragraph 1 are raised to ________.

   A. introduce the topic                  B. give two examples

   C. compare different opinions        D. get answers from readers

9. What does showrooming mean in the text?

   A. Trying in shops and buying online      B. Showing products in a room

   C. Buying something in a store              D. Shopping on the Internet

10. According to Amy Cashman, which is NOT the reason for showrooming?

   A. The lack of time                B. The comfort of the sofa

   C. The lack of money             D. The security of the product

11. What can be inferred from Paragraph 4?

   A. Online shops will disappear.         B. Free gifts will surely promote sales.

   C. Shops need necessary changes.       D. Shops will be replaced by online shops.


As a child, I was really afraid of the dark and of getting lost. These fears were very real and caused me some uncomfortable moments.
      Maybe it was the strange way things looked and sounded in my own room at night that scared me so much. There was never complete darkness, but always a streetlight or passing car lights, which made clothes on the back of a chair take on the shape of a wild animal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the curtains(窗帘) seem to move when there was no wind. A very low sound in the floor would seem a hundred times louder than in the day. My imagination (想象) would run wild, and my heart would beat fast. I would lie very still so that the "enemy(敌人) " would not discover me.
      Another of my childhood fears was that I would get lost, especially on the way home from school. Every morning I got on the school bus right near my home. That was no problem. After school, though, when all the buses were lined up along the street, I was afraid that I would get in the wrong one and be taken to some other strange places. On school or family trips to a park or a museum, I wouldn't let the leaders out of my sight.
      Perhaps one of the worst fears of all I had as a child was that of not being liked or accepted by others. Being popular was so important to me then, and the fear of not being liked was a serious one.
      One of the processes(过程) growing up is being able to realize and overcome our fears. Understanding the things that scared us as children helps us achieve greater success later in life.

12. The author had _________kind(s) of fears when she was a child.
A. one         B. two        C. three        D. none

13. When she went to some other places, she would _________.
A. walk away without others        B. take a bus by herself
C. follow others closely               D. make sure not to take a wrong bus

14. Which of the following would be possibly true when she was a child?
A. She was usually popular among people.   B. She was always the leader of the others.
C. She always got poor grades.            D. She was not at all liked by others.

15. The underlined word "overcome" in the last paragraph means "_________" in Chinese.
A. 接受      B. 忍受   C. 信服     D. 克服


The Internet has opened up a whole new online world for us to meet, chat and go where we’ve never been before. But just as in face to face communication, there are some rules of behavior that should be followed when on line.   16    Imagine how you’d feel if you were in the other person’s shoes. For anything you’re about to send: ask yourself, “Would I say this to the person’s face?if the answer is no, rewrite and reread.    17   If someone in the chat room is rude to you, your instinct (本能) is to fire back in the same manner. But try not to do so.   18 If it was caused by a disagreement with another member, try to fix the situation by politely discussing it. Remember to respect the beliefs and opinions of others in the chat room.

 19 Offer advice when asked by newcomers, as they may not be sure what to do or how to communicate. When someone makes a mistake, whether it’s a stupid question or an unnecessarily long answer, be kind about it. If it’s a small mistake, you may not need to say anything. Even if you feel strongly about it, think twice before saying anything. Having good manners yourself doesn’t give you license to correct everyone else.   20

At the same time, if you find you are wrong, be sure to correct yourself and apologize to those that you have offended. It is not polite to ask others personal questions such as their age, sex and marital status. Unless you know the person very well, and you are both comfortable with sharing personal information, don’t ask such questions.

A. It’s natural that there some people who speak rudely or make mistakes online.

B. Repeat the process till you feel sure that you’d feel comfortable saying the words to the person’s face.

C. Everyone was new to the network once.

D. The basic rule is simple: treat others in the same way you would want to be treated.

E. When you send short messages to a person online, you must say something beautiful to hear.

F. You should either ignore the person, or use your chat software to block their messages.

G. If you do decide to tell someone about a mistake, point it out politely.


I looked at my beautiful Christmas tree and sighed. The New Year was a week old and my tree      21      stood in the corner of our room with its collection of memories proudly     22    in a shower of colorful lights. I’d        23     long enough.

      I got up, went to the      24     and dragged the boxes into the room. The garland (花环) was the first to     25    . I took the large ornaments (装饰物) off next. They    26    a large pile on our bed. An hour later, our bed was covered with Christmas memories.

      I prepared the boxes and      27    placed ornaments in their protective packaging, pausing every few minutes to     28    a favorite. “Hey, little Santa!” I held the Santa from my childhood. “Thanks for being my friend for almost fifty years.” He was a little     29    but still gives me a flood of wonderful memories.

      There was a collection of handmade ones my children made in their first years of school more than twenty years ago. They are      30    perfect in design, but every year they go on my memory tree.

      A few hours after I started, the    31   boxes were back in the garage, the room was      32 __ and I sat staring at the corner. It took me two days of work to      33    my tree, but only a few hours to take it apart.

      My tree is a good marriage or a great friendship.     34    the tree, they take a long time to decorate with memories, but can be torn down      35     .What once stood proudly in the glow of love comes tumbling down and all it      36    is an unkind word or a thoughtless act.

     Every year I have to put my tree away, but not my marriage or friendships. They get to glow in the corner of my life for     37   I live. I get to analyze my tree and find memories for a few weeks every year. I can do the same with the loves in my life every day. When I held the Santa, a flood of wonderful memories     38    . The same happens when I hold my wife or see the smile of a friend across the room.

        39  _ your friendships and your marriage. Once they come down, they aren’t as easy to put back together as a Christmas tree, if     40   . Stand them in that special spot in the corner of your heart and admire their glow.

21. A. already

B. even

C. still

D. yet

22. A. maintained

B. displayed

C. collected

D. located

23. A. complained

B. suffered

C. postponed

D. missed

24. A. courtyard

B. basement

C. storehouse

D. garage

25. A. come down

B. break up

C. fade away

D. stand out

26. A. covered

B. made

C. lay

D. occupied

27. A. cautiously

B. casually

C. randomly

D. desperately

28. A. spot

B. witness

C. evaluate

D. admire

29. A. ragged

B. ugly

C. dull

D. rigid

30. A. free of

B. far from

C. away from

D. close to

31. A. abandoned

B. aged

C. filled

D. increased

32. A. clean

B. empty

C. orderly

D. quiet

33. A. choose

B. equip

C. decorate

D. furnish

34. A. As for

B. Similar to

C. Contrary to

D. Along with

35. A. quickly

B. carelessly

C. directly

D. suddenly

36. A. proves 

B. lacks 

C. means

D. takes

37. A. as far as 

B. as long as 

C. as soon as 

D. as much as

38. A. recovered  

B. returned 

C. remained  

D. repeated

39. A. Share

B. Preserve

C. Cherish 

D. Pursue

40. A. in all

B. above all

C. at all

D. after all


If you feel stressed by responsibilities at work, you should take a step back and identify (识别) those of   41   (great) and less importance. Then, handle the most important tasks first so you’ll feel a real sense of   42   (achieve). Leaving the less important things until tomorrow   43   (be) often acceptable.

Most of us are more focused   44   our tasks in the morning than we are later in the day. So, get an early start and try to be as productive   45   possible before lunch. This will give you the confidence you need to get you through the afternoon and go home feeling accomplished.

Recent   46   (study) show that we are far more productive at work if we take short breaks   47   (regular). Give your body and brain a rest by stepping outside for   48   while, exercising, or dong something you enjoy.

If you find something you love doing outside of the office, you’ll be less likely   49   (bring) your work home. It could be anything ― gardening, cooking, music, sports — but whatever it is,   50   (make) sure it’s a relief from daily stress rather than another thing to worry about.


I have a good friend whom name is Rose. Last month, she lent one of my favorite book.


Yesterday I asked her to return the book back to me. To my surprising, she said she had already


given the book to me. I search my desk and school bag, but I didn’t find one. I became very angry


about her and shouted at her. She left the classroom with tears in her eyes. However, when I came


home last night. I was surprised to find my book lie under my pillow. Now I regret quarrelling


with her. I am afraid I will lose friend. What should I do?











21-25 CBCDA   26-30 BADAB   31-35 CBCBA   36-40 DBBCC


41. greater    42. achievement    43. is      44. on          45. as

46. studies    47. regularly        48. a      49. to bring    50. make


I have a good friend whom name is Rose. Last month, she lent one of my favorite book.

whose                        borrowed            books

Yesterday I asked her to return the book back to me. To my surprising, she said she had already

去掉            surprise

given the book to me. I search my desk and school bag, but I didn’t find one. I became very angry


about her and shouted at her. She left the classroom with tears in her eyes. However, when I came


home last night. I was surprised to find my book lie under my pillow. Now I regret quarrelling


with her. I am afraid I will lose^ friend. What should I do?