Section D

1. I am a 15-year-old boy. 我是一个15岁大的男孩。

用连接号“—”构成的词常做一个形容词,放在名词前作定语,此结构中数词后的词不用复数,不能说成 15-years-old, 但不是一个词时,year 要用复数。如:He is 15 years old.

2. ①instead of 代替...,是一个副词短语,不能放主语后独立作谓语动词,只能放在动词后作谓语,它后可接名词/代词/动名词(v-ing)。如:You should play out instead of working indoors.

a) instead 代替… 放句尾或句首。

I don’t like swimming, let’s go hiking instead.

3. I have great fun running.

fun 是不可数名词,意为“乐趣”,词组have fun doing sth. 在做某事中得到乐趣, 如: We have great fun learning English.

注意:have fun= enjoy oneself= ha a good time.

4.Before 和 after 既可作介词,后接动词ing形式。也可作连词,后接时间状语从句。如:


① Before starting jumping, we must get to know how to jump high. (介词)

② Before we start jumping, we must get to know how to jump high. (连词)

5. 短语:

①shout at sb 朝某人吼(不礼貌地);shout to sb. 朝某人大声地喊

②be import to sb./ sth. 对某人是重要的。如:English is important to us.

③build sb/oneself up增强某人体质 如:Running can build ourselves up.

④立刻,马上:in a minute= right now= right away= at once =soon