Section A

1. Michael, could you please do me a favor?

(1) Could you please = Would you please…? 意为“请你…好吗?”后接动词原形

(2) do sb. a favor= help sb.= give sb. a hand 帮某人的忙。

2. But one of my teammates fell ill。但是我们队友中的一员病了。

(1)One of +可数名词复数,表“….. 中之一”当它作主语时,是单数第三人称。如: One of my friends likes playing computer games 类似的短语有: Some of …;中的一些 most of…中的大多数;

(2) fall ill 生病(强调动作)be ill 病了(强调状态)如:

He fell ill yesterday, and now he is ill in bed.

3. ----Would you mind teaching me ?----- Not at all. 你介意教教我吗?---- 不介意。

(1) Would you mind (not)doing sth. 你介意(别)做某事吗?(礼貌地请求某人做或别做某事)回答去做的有:Not at all 或 Of course not或 Certainly not 回答不去做的有:

Sorry,I won’t ./Yes, please don’t./ You’d better not.

(2) Would you mind my/me smoking here?(常用物主代词 my, her, his, our 等,少用代词宾格me, he, us 等)

4. Let’s go and practice. 让我们去练习

practice+名词/动词ing,表练习什么/做什么,如:①We often practice spoken English.(英语口语)

②Let’s practice dancing.

5. Sorry, I’ll put it somewhere else.

somewhere else 别的某个地方 somewhere 是不定副词,else 是形容词。形容词修饰不定副词、不定代词时,常放在其后。 如:something sweet甜食;Anything else ?还有别的吗?Nothing serious 不严重

6. Don’t be late next time. --- Sorry, I won’t.(对不起,我将再也不会了)

①be late 迟到,如:You are late again. ②be late for…做…迟到 如:He was late for school.

(2) 回答否定祈使句常用:Sorry,I won’t.

如:Don’t shout at me ! ---- Sorry, I won’t.

回答肯定祈使句常用:OK,I will.

如:Please study hard. ---- OK, I will.

7.Would you please say it in English. 你能用英语说一下它吗?

①Would you please (not) do sth (请求某人做某事)

②Would you like to do sth. (提建议)

③Would you mind (not) doing sth ( 请求)

8. That’s very kind of you, but I can manage it myself.太感谢你了,但我会自己处理的。

manage 作“管理,处理”时,结构为:manage sb./sth. 如:She managed the hotel well.

manage 作“设法做成某事”时,结构为:manage to do sth. 如:it’s too noisy here, I’ll manage to leave here. 注意比较try to do sth. 努力去做某事

"It is+形容词+of do sth.."和"It is+形容词+for do sth.."这两个句型容易混淆。什么情况下用of 或for 是一个考点。实际上前者的形容词用来描述某人的,因此可以转换成: Sb.+be+形容词+to do sth. 后者的形容词用来描述做某事的,可以转换成:To do形容词。如:

It is right of you to do more reading.= You are right to do more reading. (right 用来描述you )

It is easy for you to finish the work. = To finish the work is easy for you.