【2015江苏南京】B) 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。

46. — I really like your bike. Is it expensive?

— I don't know how much it is. It's my ________(uncle).

47. We think Samuel is the most suitable person to be our monitor because he does everything very ________(careful).

48. Citizens can enjoy ________(read) thousands of volumes of electronic books online with the first “WeChat library” in Jianye Library, Nanjing.

49. We need to make more young people ________(learn) Shadow Play so that it won't disappear in China.

50. With the ________(develop) of technology, the journey to Mars might only take about 20 minutes in spacecraft in the future.

46. uncle’s


48. reading

49. learn

50. development



56. There were _____ (thousand) of people at the concert.

57. By the end of this month, people in Beijing will be able to brush their_____ (tooth) with water from Hubei.

58. We have already learned many ____(interest) ways to relax.

59. These magazines are ______ (me), not yours.

60. It’s _____ (polite) to stare at anyone or to talk loudly in public.

61. Glass didn't become ______(wide) used until the 13th century.

62. The larger library you have in your head, the____(long) it usually takes to find a particular(特定的) word.

63. After class, children went out of their classroom to enjoy the______(warm) of the sun.

56. thousands 57. teeth58. interesting

59. mine

60. impolite61. widely

62. longer

63. warmth


66. Everyone should behave ______in public. (polite)

67. ---Who’s that boy standing over there?

----Sam, a foreign friend of _____.(I)

68. After working all night, Kate couldn’t stay _____ the next morning. (wake)

69. The UK is an old ____ country, where there are many palaces and castles. (Europe)

70. Nothing would prevent UNICEF, an international charity, ______ the living standards of the children in poor areas. (raise)

66. politely

67. mine

68. awake


70. raising

【2015山东烟台】B. 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。

71. Next Tuesday is my sister’s ____________(twelve) birthday.

72. In general, Chopin is a ____________(piano) of great ability.

73. Don’t forget ____________(turn) off the gas after cooking.

74. Of all the teachers in the school, Mrs. Smith is the____________(patient) with students.

75. Finally the firemen saved the little girl under the damaged building ____________(success).



73题,to turn

74题,most patient


【2015贵州铜仁】(2) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。答案书写在答题卡卷II各小题规定的位置。

86. Enjoy _______ (read), children! You can get more knowledge.

87. With the help of my PE teacher, I run ________ (fast) than before.

88. You can ________ (search) for information on the Internet.

89. June is the ________ (six) month of the year.

90. We are going to Mount Fanjing if it is ________ (sun) tomorrow.

86. reading

87. faster

88. search

89. sixth

90. sunny

五、【2015江苏无锡】动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,并将答案写在答题卡上对应题号的横线上。(本大题共8小题,每小题1分,共8分)

1. Trust me, I ________(keep) it between you and me, I promise. Talk now.

2. I'm so sorry that I ________(not understand) you, but I do now.

3. Sally loves chocolate. That ________(explain) why it's hard for her to lose weight.

4. If you have any trouble ________(use) the website, just click on this icon for help.

5. — Why didn't you answer my call?

— I ________(take) a shower. But I called you back as soon as I got out.

6. A big parade was held on Red Square ________(remember) the dead in World War Ⅱ.

7. Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy—they ________(give) after all. Choices can be hard.

8. — Is the little baby in this photo me, Dad?

— It is. And now you ________(grow) into a young man. Where does the time go, huh?

1. will keep

2. did not understand

3. explains

4. using

5. was taking

6. to remember

7. are given

8. have grown

(B) 【2015江苏无锡】根据句意,在答题卡对应题号的横线上,写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。

5. Don't look at me like that! I'm telling you the ________(true).

6. It is not polite to ask a stranger questions about his ________(person) life.

7. Red lanterns are often ________ (hang) along the streets before Spring Festival.

8. The new system is now ________(wide) used by IT companies all over the world.

5. truth

6. personal

7. hung

8. widely


76. May is (five) month of the year.

77. The more trees we plant, the (beautiful) our city will be.

78. I didn't know where (find) the person who used to help me.

79. My friends and I would like to help the (home) people as volunteers after

the terrible earthquake.

80. Compared with five years ago, our hometown (complete) changed.

76.the fifth

77. more beautiful

78. to find

79. homeless

80. completely

【2015 山东枣庄】第四节 单词拼写(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)


61. —Let’s play music.

—That sounds __________(轻松).

62. My mother is making ____________(味美的) soup.

63. My pet dog, three years old now, ___________(不喜欢) to stay alone.

64. After you argue with your parents you must ___________(交流)with them and explain why you did that.

65. Don’t put your __________(胳膊肘) on the table.

61. relaxing

62. delicious

63. dislikes / hates

64. communicate

65. elbows/elbow


41. This kind of mobile phone is very ________(便宜) and simple to use.

42. “Nanjing Week” at Expo Milano 2015 will last from ________(七月) 7th to 13th in Milan, Italy.

43. Harry doesn't take medicine when he catches a cold. He always believes that body is able to fight it by ________(自己).

44. Dad always tells me not to study only for tests. If that's all I'm doing, he says, I will soon ________(失去) interest in learning.

45. The Chinese Character Dictation Contest reminds us that Chinese characters play an important ________(角色) in passing on Chinese language and culture.

41. cheap


43. itself

44. lose

45. role

【2015安徽】X. 单词拼写(共5小题海小题1分,满分5分)


91. It is p______(礼貌的)to offer seats to the old on the bus.

92. When swimming, you should put s______(安全) first.

93. The newly-opened museum is certainly w______(值得) a visit.

94. Could you please l______(借)me your dictionary?

95. Please accept our best w______(祝愿)for your exams.

91. polite

92. safety

93. worth

94. lend

95. wishes


46. “___________(无论何事)happens, I’ll look after my father well.” The Most Beautiful Filial Child(最美孝心少年)Liang Weiyue said.

47. Lianyungang, one of the __________(东方的)seaside cities, will play an important role in the Belt and Road Initiatives(“一带一路”战略思想).

48. He told his parents his ideas about the camping several times, and they_________(同意)with him at last.

49. As a ________(传统的)festival, Dragon Boat Festival is becoming more and more popular.

50. In order to protect the environment, lots of_________(工厂)have been moved away from the people’s living areas in the city.

46. Whatever

47. eastern/oriental

48. agreed49. traditional

50. factories/plants



41. Helen ▲ (点头) with a smile when she met me.

42. Becky ▲ (明智地) decided to tell us the truth.

43. Justin lay back and enjoyed the ▲ (安宁) of the summer evening.

44. The bank is ▲ (在…对面) the supermarket, on the other side of the road.

45. My cousin used to be very interested in ▲ (收集) postcards.

46. Edison is one of the greatest ▲ (发明家) in the world.

47. Mr. Green often ▲ (惩罚) his children by not letting them play games.

48. — Thanks for lending me the book Black Beauty.

— Don’t ▲ it.

49. — What’s the ▲ of the elephant?

— About two tons.

50. — Have you drunk all the milk?

— Yes. Look, the bottle is ▲ now.

41. nodded

42. wisely

43. peace

44. opposite

45. collecting

46. inventors


86. You can practice soccer by j_____ a sports club.

87. Who e_____ in my class will go to the movie besides me?

88. Please find out some ______(不同)between the two pictures.

89. People want to challenge _____(自己)in the face of difficulties.

90. You'd better not go because it's raining _____(heavy) outside.

86. joining

87. else

88. differences

89. myself

90. heavily



71. Good morning, boys and g______. Let's begin our class.[来源:学科网]

72. I'm a______ of snake because I think they are dangerous.

73. I'm going to Tom's birthday p______ next Monday.

74. A rose(玫瑰) is a f______ that has a good smell.

75. Mother w______ me up at 6 o'clock yesterday morning and told me it was time to get up.

76. Fifty and fifty is one h______.

77. The telephone was i______ by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, that is, he was the first person to make the telephone.

78. All the students are studying at school e______ Tom, who is ill at home.

79. —W______ bag is this?

—It's mine.

80. Dr. Naismith d______ the men in his class into two teams and taught them to play basketball.

71. girls

72. afraid

73. party 74. flower

75. woke 76. hundred

77. invented

78. except 79. Whose 80. divided

【2015广东广州】第一节 单词拼写(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)


66. It is a p______ that the weather is so bad today. We can’t go to a picnic.

67. You should always knock at the door before you e______ a room.

68. Close the window or the wind will b______ everything off my desk.

69. The young woman is very b______. She is not afraid of anything.

70. It’s very p______ to say “Thank you” when someone helps you.

66. pity

67. enter

68. blow69. brave70. polite

第一节 词汇运用(共两题,满分15分)



66. He took an active part in all kinds of activities i_______ tennis, swimming, running and so on.

67. The little boy o________ his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus.

68. Air pollution is one of the g_________ problems in the modern world.

69. Believing in yourself is the first step on the road to __________(成功).

70. It’s nice of you to provide us with the _________(有价值的) information.

66. including 67. offered

68. greatest

69. success 70. valuable



61. Tianjin plans to start a smart city program to deal with t_____ jams.

62. Can you i______ what it would be like to live under the sea?

63. Teen singers TF boys are popular a______ young people.

64. Our traditional c______ like Peking Opera should be passed down.

65. It's reported that China is becoming the s_____ most overweight country, just after the US.

66. Now, you can enjoy ______(免费的)Wi-Fi in many places.

67. People like ________(分享)things through WeChat now.

68. We should always keep an eye on school ______(安全).

69. Helping others is the most_______(有价值的)thing in the world.

70. I______(很少)watch movies on my smart phone because it's not good for my eyes.

61. traffic

62. imagine

63. among

64. culture(s)

65. second

66. free

67. to enjoy/enjoying68. safety69. valuable70. seldom

【2015 山东济宁】五、单词拼写与运用(共8小题,计8分)


1. S_________ is the first day of a week.

2. It is p_________ to keep your voice down in public.

3. Gina is a_______ in class. She often answers questions.

4. –What’s your favorite s__________ besides maths, Sonia?


5. Have you ever heard of the saying “__________(沉默)is gold”?

6. My friend WANG Ying comes from a __________(南方)town?

7.It’s very _________(有帮助)to discuss your problems with your parents.

8. Our government has paid more attention to the problem about food _______(安全).

1.Sunday 2.polite 3.active 4.subject 5.Silence 6.southern 7.helpful 8.safety